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We walk amongst ghosts everyday… that boy kicking a ball or that old man hunched over the bar… the pretty women with a bunch of flowers crossing the road …they're all dead.
Forget what you think you know, what you have been told, what you think you've seen on other shows…the Dead are talking will you listen?

Season One is a eight part paranormal investigation documentary series launching this winter. Focusing on the theory that 'Death is just the beginning'. We are exploring contemporary locations that want to remain anonymous.

Episode List

The Asylum

The Asylum

An Asylum holds the power of many broken minds, some happy some darker and some who just want to hurt. A place that held its own operating theatre and morgue, once in you were never coming out.
The Island Part One & Two

The Island Part One & Two

A military base lies abandoned, after rumours of chemical weapons testing in the 50's, and links to interrogation and authorized executions. Deep underground fear and pain is everywhere.
The School

The School

A classic Victorian school, we were there investigating claims by teachers that a nurse had been seen whispering to pupils. However, we came into contact with something very different.
The Factory

The Factory

A cement plant, a place of work that gives some a sense of pride in life, can it not also be a draw in Death? What if this was actually your place of death, deep underground where help takes to long to come.
The Warehouse Part One & Two

The Warehouse Part One & Two

In military warehouse locked up and sealed for 72 years the building's only company is a hanged man and an Officer who was complicit in the death?
The Mall

The Mall

This large modern Mall had reported the spirits of children interfering with off limit areas. Could these be the spirits of two children who tragically drowned in the now abandoned and sealed off underground car park after it flooded?

Airing world wide this Winter


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