The Dead Sea

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A fusion of the claustrophobic chaos of Danny Boyle’s SUNSHINE and the horror of Paul Anderson’s EVENT HORIZON, THE DEAD SEA plots a very real modern day threat: that of a catastrophic bioterror attack on the developed world with pockets of survivors in positions of power left to decide the fate of the human race. Touching on themes of torn loyalties, unforeseen motives and shifting allegiances, it plays out as a microcosm of the very struggles seen the world over. A battle for our future, told within the confines of a British nuclear submarine which acts as a pressure cooker as the crew race against time and each other.

This exciting project has just been re-optioned as part of a co-production with Shooting Tiger Pictures, (May 2020)

Dead Sea, a little about the story so far, 2013 we originally optioned and developed the brilliant “Dead Sea” story by a talented writer and filmmaker “Ox” to his friends. We then shot a teaser trailer in January 2014 to support the coming feature’s development and tells a little of the back story. The stills below are from that Teaser.

"Our best hope, is our worst nightmare".
The fate of the world is left to five survivors trapped onboard a Nuclear Submarine.
Dead Sea Prologue Teaser:
Dir Stephen Oxborrow

Dead Sea Prologue Teaser:

This teaser trailer was shot to support the coming feature, and tells a little of the back story...Enjoy Longdog Productions

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